Cantata кофе

The Coffee Cantata

After a long break, I’ve decided it was time to write again about my coffee experiences this past year.  Which have been a lot!   New coffee house openings and traveling through Oregon and Washington to experience coffee in all its glory!

I’ll be sharing lots of photos and talking about the places I’ve visited.

Hope you find it informative and interesting.


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This morning I was back at Starbucks, but this time with my wife.  I wanted her to try out the new La Boulange pastries.  I ordered theHearty Blueberry Oatmeal and one of the new blueberry yogurt muffins.My wife ordered the new Tomato Savory squares and the blueberry muffin.

Everything was warm and very tasty.  Great decision on the part of Starbucks toadd La Boulange to their line of product offerings.  I’ve heard that theLa Boulange sandwiches will be added this Fall.

Bon Appetit!

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Last years acquisition of La Boulange bakery (San Francisco) by Starbucks has finally made it to their local stores this week.  The new pastries cover a wide range of great treats for breakfast or anytime of day.

So far I’ve tried the blueberry scone, blueberry muffin and the marble cake.All were excellent and really good heated.  My favorite of the three I’ve tried so far is the blueberry muffin.  The yogurt in the muffin makes it very moist and flavorful.

Today, I paired the blueberry muffin with the Columbia Caldas coffee made in the Clover brewer.  The Columbia Caldas has a very smooth flavor and a nice body.  Not too heavy and perfect to drink with your favorite morning pastry.If you haven’t tried Starbucks coffee made in the Clover brewer you’re missing out on a wonderful coffee experience.  For more info on the Clover, see my August 2013 archive post – “See how coffee is made in the Clover.”

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Music and coffee go together so well.  I love music probably more than anything (including coffee).  Over the past several decades I have attended a lot of concerts.  There is nothing better than live music.  Here’s a list of some of the musicians and groups I’ve seen live over the years:

  • The Eagles
  • Alan Parsons
  • Styx (3 times)
  • Foreigner
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Stevie Nicks
  • Heart
  • Joe Walsh
  • Electric Light Orchestra
  • Rod Stewart
  • YES (8 times)
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  • Tesla
  • Night Ranger
  • Jethro Tull
  • Saga
  • Genesis (4 times) (once with Peter Gabriel)
  • Phil Collins (3 times)
  • Tower of Power (2 times)
  • Green Day
  • Doobie Brothers
  • Chicago
  • John Denver (4 or 5 times)
  • Yanni (3 times)
  • Bon Jovi
  • Sarah Brightman (4 times)
  • Patrick O’Hearn (New Age artist)
  • Kitaro (New Age artist)
  • St. Martin in the Fields (Classical orchestra)
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra (hard rock & orchestra Christmas show) (5 times)
  • Suzanne Ciani (New Age artist)
  • Jean Luc-Ponty (Jazz Fusion Electric Violinist & Keyboardist) (3 times) (Once with Randy Jackson on Bass!)

What music groups or musicians have you seen live?

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A relaxing afternoon drink aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train.  Yum!

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My wife and I recently completed this jigsaw puzzle of my favorite beverage!   🙂

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J.S. Bach – Coffee Cantata | Genius

1. Recitative, Erzähler:

Be quiet, do not chat,And listen to what happens now:Here comes Mr. Schlendrianwith his daughter Liesgen,He grumbles like a grizzly bear;hear for yourselves, what she has done to him!

2. Aria, Schlendrian:

With children, aren't therea hundred thousand aggravations!Whatever I, all the time and every day,tell my daughter Liesgen,slides on by with no effect.

3. Recitative


You naughty child, you wild girl,ah! When will I achieve my goal:get rid of the coffee for my sake!


Father sir, but do not be so harsh!If I couldn't, three times a day,be allowed to drink my little cup of coffee,in my anguish I will turn intoa shriveled-up roast goat.

4. Aria, Liesgen:

Ah! How sweet coffee tastes,more delicious than a thousand kisses,milder than muscatel wine.Coffee, I have to have coffee,and, if someone wants to pamper me,ah, then bring me coffee as a gift!

5. Recitative


If you don't give up coffee for me,you won't go to any wedding parties,or even go out for walks.


Okay then!Only leave my coffee alone!


Now I've got the little monkey!I will buy you no whalebone dress of the latest fashion.


I can easily put up with that.


You may not go to the windowand watch anyone passing by!


This too; but be mercifuland let my coffee stay!


You'll also not receive from my handa silver or gold ribbonfor your bonnet!


Sure, sure! Just leave me my pleasure!


You naughty Liesgen,you grant all of that to me?

6. Aria Schlendrian:

Girls of stubborn mindare not easily won over.But if the right spot is touched,Oh! Then one can happily get far.

7. Recitative


Now do what your father says!


In everything but coffee.


All right then! So you will have to content yourself with never having a husband.


Ah yes! Father, a husband!


I swear that it will never happen.


Until I give up coffee?All right! Coffee, lie there now forever!Father sir, listen, I won't drink none.


So finally you'll get one!

8. Aria, Liesgen:

Even today,dear father, make it happen!Ah, a husband!Indeed, this will suit me well!If it would only happen soon,that at last, instead of coffee,before I even go to bed,I might gain a sturdy lover!

9. Recitative


Now old Schlendrian goes and seeksHow he, for his daughter Liesgen,might soon acquire a husband;but Liesgen secretly spreads the word:no suitor comes in my houseunless he has promised to me himselfand has it also inserted into the marriage contract,that I shall be permittedto brew coffee whenever I want.

10. Chorus Trio, All:

Cats do not give up mousing,girls remain coffee-sisters.The mother adores her coffee-habit,and grandma also drank it,so who can blame the daughters!


1. Rezitativ Erzähler:

Schweigt stille, plaudert nichtUnd höret, was itzund geschicht:Da kömmt Herr SchlendrianMit seiner Tochter Liesgen her,Er brummt ja wie ein Zeidelbär;Hört selber, was sie ihm getan!

2. Arie, Schlendrian

Hat man nicht mit seinen KindernHunderttausend Hudelei!Was ich immer alle TageMeiner Tochter Liesgen sage,Gehet ohne Frucht vorbei.

3. Rezitativ:


Du böses Kind, du loses Mädchen,Ach! wenn erlang ich meinen Zweck:Tu mir den Coffee weg!


Herr Vater, seid doch nicht so scharf!Wenn ich des Tages nicht dreimalMein Schälchen Coffee trinken darf,So werd ich ja zu meiner QualWie ein verdorrtes Ziegenbrätchen.

4. Arie, Liesgen:

Ei! wie schmeckt der Coffee süße,Lieblicher als tausend Küsse,Milder als Muskatenwein.Coffee, Coffee muss ich haben,Und wenn jemand mich will laben,Ach, so schenkt mir Coffee ein!

5. Rezitativ:


Wenn du mir nicht den Coffee lässt,So sollst du auf kein Hochzeitfest,Auch nicht spazierengehn.


Ach ja!Nur lasset mir den Coffee da!


Da hab ich nun den kleinen Affen!Ich will dir keinen Fischbeinrock nach itzger Weite schaffen.


Ich kann mich leicht darzu verstehn.


Du sollst nicht an das Fenster tretenUnd keinen sehn vorübergehn!


Auch dieses; doch seid nur gebetenUnd lasset mir den Coffee stehn!


Du sollst auch nicht von meiner HandEin silbern oder goldnes BandAuf deine Haube kriegen!


Ja, ja! nur lasst mir mein Vergnügen!


Du loses Liesgen du,So gibst du mir denn alles zu?

6. Arie, Schlendrian:

Mädchen, die von harten Sinnen,Sind nicht leichte zu gewinnen.Doch trifft man den rechten Ort,O! so kömmt man glücklich fort.

7. Rezitativ:


Nun folge, was dein Vater spricht!


In allem, nur den Coffee nicht.


Wohlan! so musst du dich bequemen,Auch niemals einen Mann zu nehmen.


Ach ja! Herr Vater, einen Mann!


Ich schwöre, dass es nicht geschicht.


Bis ich den Coffee lassen kann?Nun! Coffee, bleib nur immer liegen!Herr Vater, hört, ich trinke keinen nicht.


So sollst du endlich einen kriegen!

8. Arie, Liesgen:

Heute noch,Lieber Vater, tut es doch!Ach, ein Mann!Wahrlich, dieser steht mir an!Wenn es sich doch balde fügte,Dass ich endlich vor Coffee,Eh ich noch zu Bette geh,Einen wackern Liebsten kriegte!

9. Rezitativ


Nun geht und sucht der alte Schlendrian,Wie er vor seine Tochter LiesgenBald einen Mann verschaffen kann;Doch, Liesgen streuet heimlich aus:Kein Freier komm mir in das Haus,Er hab es mir denn selbst versprochenUnd rück es auch der Ehestiftung ein,Dass mir erlaubet möge sein,Den Coffee, wenn ich will, zu kochen.

10. Chor (Terzett), Omnes:

Die Katze lässt das Mausen nicht,Die Jungfern bleiben Coffeeschwestern.Die Mutter liebt den Coffeebrauch,Die Großmama trank solchen auch,Wer will nun auf die Töchter lästern!

Johann Sebastian Bach - Coffee Cantata, Peasant Cantata

Johann Sebastian Bach The townsfolk of Leipzig in the early 1700's were overcome by a powerful and exotic addiction to a substance recently introduced from the New World. While much of the population were smitten by the bug, many others viewed is with suspicion and thought it dangerous to the health.

Coffee, that roasted, ground and percolated bean of the Coffea arabica plant was the new fad of the century. But what an unlikely inspiration for a Cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach! What's the story?

Bach was a career musician. Almost everything he wrote was for a practical purpose. Employed by the church, his main job was to write a sacred Cantata for the Lutheran service every Sunday. He wrote hundreds of them, at least five complete annual cycles, of which over 200 survive.

The Cantata is quite a varied work, with a mixture of Recitative or narration, combined with solo Arias, mixed Arias, orchestral interludes and Chorales. Their role was to make simple religious messages appeal to the general public. Much of the music from the Cantatas has become famous in their own right: Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Sheep May Safely Graze, Sleepers Wake and A Mighty Fortress is our God are all movements from Bach Cantatas.

But what possessed Bach to write a Cantata about so secular and even banal a topic as coffee?

Opening Page of Bach's Coffee Cantata From 1729, Bach assumed direction of Leipzig's Collegium Musicum, founded by Telemann in 1702. The Collegium was a group of student musicians who met each Friday evening at Zimmermann's Coffee-House to give concerts.

It is very likely that some of Bach's best-known secular works, such as the harpsichord concerti and orchestral suites were written for and premiered by the Collegium. And it is certainly for this group of musicians that Bach wrote the Coffee Cantata.

The Coffee Cantata is lighthearted, as close as Bach comes to comic opera, in which he pokes fun at both coffee drinkers and their old-fashioned critics.

The story concerns the father Herr Schlendrian (“Mr Routine”) portrayed by a plodding lead-footed melody, and his daughter Lieschen, the coffee-lover. She is introduced by a lively and beguiliing Aria.

In an effort to rid his daughter of the evil drink, he progressively forbids her her luxuries. Lieschen refuses to give it up, saying that coffee is “more delicious than a thousand kisses, and sweeter than muscatel wine”. It is only when Schlendrian refuses to allow her to marry that she relents. But even then, as the father goes off to find a husband, Lieschen reveals that she will make it a part of the marriage contract that she be allowed her three cups a day.Read the full English and German lyrics.

This is a charming introduction to Bach's Cantatas, with friendly melodies, cleverly reflecting the characters' personalities. And generously includes the other popular secular cantata the Peasant Cantata with its infectiously enjoyable tunes, Bach letting his hair down and obviously having much fun.

Please support Good-Music-Guide.comby purchasing this CD using this link.

Track Listing

Johann Sebastian BachCoffee Cantata BWV 211Peasant Cantata BWV 212Durchlauchtster Leopold BWV 173a

les Violons du Roy de QuebecBernard LabadieDorothea Rschmann, SopranoHugues Saint-Gelais, TenorKevin McMillan, Baritone

    Serenata Durchlauchtster Leopold, BWV 173a
  1. Recit: Durchlauchtster Leopold
  2. Aria: Gldner Sonnen frohe Stunden
  3. Aria: Leopolds Vortrefflichkeiten
  4. Aria: Unter seinem Purpursaum
  5. Recit: Durchlauchtigster, den Anhalt Vater nennt
  6. Aria: So schau dies holden Tages Licht
  7. Aria: Dein Name gleich der Sonnen geh
  8. Chorus: Nimm auch, groer Frst, uns auf

    Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht, BWV 211(Coffee Cantata / Cantate du caf)

  9. Recit: Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht
  10. Aria: Hat man nicht mit seinen Kindern
  11. Recit: Du bses Kind, du loses Mdchen
  12. Aria: Ei ! wie schmeckt der Coffee se
  13. Recit: Wenn du mir nicht den Coffee lt
  14. Aria: Mdchen, die von harten Sinnen
  15. Recit: Nun folge, was dein Vater spricht !
  16. Aria: Heute noch, lieber Vater, tut es doch
  17. Recit: Nun geht und sucht der alte Schlendrian
  18. Chorus: Die Katze lt das Mausen nicht

    Cantate burlesque Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet, BWV 212(Peasant Cantata / Cantate paysanne)

  19. Sinfonia
  20. Aria (duetto): Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet
  21. Recit: Nu, Mieke, gib dein Guschel immer her !
  22. Aria: Ach, es schmeckt doch gar zu gut
  23. Recit: Der Herr ist gut
  24. Aria: Ach, Herr Scher, geht nicht gar zu schlimm
  25. Recit: Es bleibt dabei
  26. Aria: Unser trefflicher lieber Kammerherr
  27. Recit: Er hilft uns allen, alt und jung
  28. Aria: Das ist galant
  29. Recit: Und unsre gndge Frau
  30. Aria: Fnfzig Taler bares Geld
  31. Recit: Im Ernst ein Wort !
  32. Aria: Klein-Zschocher msse
  33. Recit: Das ist zu klug fr dich
  34. Aria col Corne de Chasse: Es nehme zehntausend Dukaten
  35. Recit: Das klingt zu liederlich
  36. Aria: Gib, Schne
  37. Recit: Du hast wohl recht
  38. Aria:Dein Wachstum sei feste
  39. Recit: Und damit sei es auch genung
  40. Aria: Und da ihrs alle wit
  41. Recit: Mein Schatz ! erraten !
  42. Chor: Wir gehn nun, wo der Tudelsack

Cantata Coffee Company - 104 Photos & 212 Reviews - Coffee & Tea - 1708 Haight St, The Haight, San Francisco, CA - Phone Number


1708 Haight StSan Francisco, CA 94117 (415) 221-5555

We walked around Haight Ashbury and saw this little coffee shop tucked away amongst the burner and glass shops, pretty un-assuming from the front, we walked in and decided to get a small coffee and the sweet barista recommended the Audrey Hepburn, it was excellent then we tried the alfajories (which I've never had before) but was a wonderful sweet little cookie that paired perfectly with the ice coffee We drove an hour from East Bay just to get more alfajories and we met the owner who was a wonderful sweet lady and gave us a few free samples without asking, will definitely be back when I'm in the area :)

I had the Madagascar vanilla gelato and it was underwhelming and chalkie (weird). The consistency was that of melting ice cream and I was surprised when she said it was $7. Overpriced and not tasty. They also don't have WiFi which ticks off a star.

Don't get bubble tea here. I should have known better since this is a coffee joint. I ordered the almond flavored bubble milk tea, and it tasted just like milk with more almond milk added in. No wonder it was so since my friend saw them adding lots of the almond milk in. The tapioca pearls were okay, but it was in a half icy milk base concoction. It wasn't a frappe nor purely milk form, just randomly in-between the two forms like something half melted in a warm car. :/ I would have gone with a 2 star rating, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that this is NOT a bubble tea joint. Sorry to say, but white people should stick with coffee. Oh. Added to this annoyance was the $4 plus change cost. Yay...

Four stars for absolutely friendly, bubbly, smiling customer service that practically knocked me down with it's sugar and sunshine. But man, that Chai was bad, over spiced while still having a watered down texture somehow. And the avocado gelato tasted a bit like nothing. But those baristas made my day anyway.

I ordered Thai tea boba. It costed $4.95; too much for what you get. It was watered down and the boba was undercooked and rubbery. To top it off the drink was iced too much for a $5 boba. That's why it deserves 2 stars.

3 stars cuz they are really nice but their boba tea is not great. Get other things here but I wouldn't recommend the boba tea.

Super tiny little shop. But with a quaint charm. It seems like they try and do A LOT there. It also seems like they do it pretty well. Lots of things to choose from. Small space but easy to grab and go, or sit at a little table if there's space and you need a rest for a minute. I was in the mood for boba and it popped up on Yelp. Boba seems like just something they do to appeal to the crowd since there isn't another tea shop on the street (from my knowledge). I grabbed a coffee milk tea with pearls and it was really solid. Not too sweet but not too flat. They also take card! Thank you!!!!

I've been here a few times as I live up the street and I really love it. Their coffee is great and the owners are so sweet. There is a minimum on the card charge ($5) but if you're close to it they don't usually mind. Haven't tasted their Boba but it looks ok.

Nice cafe i ran into while walking down Haight that serves coffee and boba, what else do you need? Friendly people and good customer service! The place is very nicely decorated. Makes it feel "homey". Even if its cold and windy outside, once you step inside you'll feel right at home. Nice place to meet up with friends and even study. The boba is pretty good for a "cafe". Definitely will come again!

Lovely service, nice staff and the excellent coffee shop near me. I like the coffee mocha. Recommend to visit there to have the mocha and achieve high level of service.

Cantata is definitely a to-go sort of place for your coffee fix. There are fewer than five tables, and it feels so cramped in there that you wouldn't want to stay longer anyway. They tout themselves as not having Wi-Fi to encourage stimulating conversations, but it probably really is because they don't want customers staying longer. I had the Madonna, which was a latte with white chocolate and raspberry. This romantic drink was a good mix of milky creamy and sweet. But when my order was ready, the barista basically slammed my drink onto the counter. The latte didn't have a fully closed lid, and most of the milk foam landed on my hair and clothes. The barista apologized but looked more amused than sorry. She then told me that napkins were at the other end of the café and I had to walk all the way over to get it. Really? They have boba options here, which makes no sense to me. Stick to the coffee, and serve it with care. My friend had the almond boba, which tasted more like a whole lot of almond syrup than tea.

Came here for milk tea boba.. which literally tasted like watered down milk. It had no flavor. The employee working at the register kept making annoyed/uninterested facial expressions at customers. Thought it was super unprofessional.. it was clear she did not want to be there.

The girls behind the counter are absolutely terrible. I was charged $7 for a dirty chai that tasted like water. When she saw my face she asked me if anything was the matter, and I said I didn't like it. She proceeded to yell at me in front of other customers, telling me "she knows their chai" and I must drink too much Starbucks chai (I do not) and condescendingly offered to add simple syrup (I don't add sugar to my drinks). Then they laughed loudly as I left the store with my shit expensive drink. Seriously? Get a life. Why ask if you're just going to patronize me. I can afford another drink you can't afford that pathetic attitude.

Had to pay $5 to use the restroom because the management "prefers you order off the menu and not a bottled drink" so I got a scoop of gelato and there was a fucking bug in it and when I showed who seemed to be the manager she tried to play it off as a coffee grind! I should have taken a picture but I work in food service so I wasn't even that mad about it but the fact that she made me think it was something else was just plain rude. Bugs get in food every now and then, just fucking own up to it, don't tell the customer their wrong when clearly they're right. Seriously mad I didn't take a picture. Don't give this business your money.

This is by far my favorite coffee shop ever! I've tried everything on their menu and everything is SO good! They always make my day better with their smiles and friendliness. Not surprised that they are also one of the cleanest restaurants as they just got on SFGate for scoring a perfect 100 on their yearly health inspection!

A great place to go for a nice quick cup of coffee and bagels. The bagels are soft and delicious, teas are great. Great service by Madison, a nice girl who was so gracious. They open at 7:30 in the morning so a good place to hang out and drink coffee before shopping on the Haight

Was in the area with my bf today doing some shopping and I was in the mood for a nice iced coffee drink while we were walking around and we stumbled upon this place.. saw that they had some interesting choices on their menu but wasnt sure what to get so I asked the worker for a reccommendation. She told me to get the Audrey Hepburn because it wasnt too sweet and that alot of people order it. Once I tried it I seriously fell in love!! It had hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel.. it was so yummy! Will definitely come for it again!

Excellent coffee and boba teas here. I also love their frosted lemon cake slices. The employees were cool and liked my dog. Definitely coming back next time I visit town!

Smoke a fat one and grab a Jimi Hendrix. Won't disappoint. And their coconut chip ice cream is heaven.

Customer service is great! The matcha milk tea and boba were horrible. The boba is flavorless and boiled for too long. The matcha is watered out and tastes like almond milk. Would not recommend for boba.

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