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Terminal 8 - American AirlinesJFK International AirportJohn F Kennedy, NY 11430

It's the Colombian Starbucks Café. It's known that one of the the best coffees is Colombian. And I totally agree with it. I had a caffe latte. It was delicious and creamy.

Worse coffee ever, from the dollar stores are better.sent me right to the bathroom, good thing the bathroom it was next to it. I got a turkey sandwich and the letter and cheese were frozen, I asked to changed for two empanadas and It tasted like cat food. The pant of the guy mixing the coffee were have down, I could see half of his underwear.DONT GO THERE

Well, maybe I can bump this up to a 2-star once I actually try their coffee, but the process of simply trying to pay for a bottle of water and a bueñelo was about as exiting as a root canal. The two folks working the kiosk were so inept, I thought I was in a pilot episode of a new hidden camera show. Perhaps the second time's a charm...

This might be the best cup of coffee in the airport. It has more of a backbone than Dunkin Donuts, but not the overcooked taste of Starbucks. A nice middle ground. And at a decent price as well. Unfortunately, they don't have many locations.

Please walk a few feet further for coffee. Worst service worst coffee. We asked for a white mocha a solo espresso con pana. They were very confused, made it incorrectly and when we came back because they have us a hot cocoa and a burnt shot of espresso without cream the girl working was very rude. She threw the shots that we had returned into the hot cocoa so I had to ask her to remake the drinks. She was too busy talking to the other girl about the party she went to last night. When she made them wrong again I returned the coffee and DID NOT ask for a refund. Just wanted some caffeine. I know it's the airport but can't you get good coffee?

I'll be in the terminal again myself tomorrow and probably won't get a chance to have a coffee here since I don't want to inhale it before passing through security. The coffee was meh... it had a strong undertone of burnt grinds, but it was 4 PM in the afternoon and there wasn't much coffee traffic at the kiosk, so I forgive them. It was decently priced, too. Something nice to see in an airport... if you're waiting with someone, get a cup. It's worth it.

Great customer service, I went to a Juan Valdez in JFK airport. The guy that was there, although he was sitting down on his phone when I came, (which I can understand cause it was about 1 or 2 in the morning and it was slow) But he got up right away the Moment he saw me, he got up right away. I ordered a large coffee but unfortunately it was cold, he asked me if I wanted to steam it, I told him no, I just wanted fresh coffee, he said it will take about 7 mins, but couldn't wait cause I had a cab outside waiting on me. So he asked me if I wanted a large Latte instead it won't take long and I said sure why not. He made it for me, it tasted so good. I didn't even have to add sugar, it was amazing, the one of the best coffee I ever had. I would request that they should have freshly brewed coffee every hour. But that guy there was very nice and friendly, great customer service , I would gladly come back for there coffee, when I come back to JFK

I was so excited to see a Juan Valdez in the airport after loving their coffee in Colombia. Unfortunately though the service was so godawful that it ruined the coffee. The guy working was literally texting on his phone in plain sight while taking my order and operating the cash register. He was sitting down when I walked up and instead of standing up he remained sitting down and acted as if I was inconveniencing him. I could care less if employees are texting or sitting down in between helping customers but it is unacceptable to remain doing so while working with a paying customer. It is likely that he will not keep his job long which I sincerely hope is the case and as someone who flies very frequently I will never return here.

The coffee is good but the service makes it a 1 star. They got my order wrong and the cashier wouldn't understand me when I said it was wrong. Eventually they stopped talking among each other to rudely finish helping me.

The best cup of Colombian coffee!! I had it for the first time in Colombia and I learned how amazing it was! When I realized they had opened some in New York I was truely excited and I believe everyone should enjoy adelicious cup of coffee from Juan Valdez! Please be sure to try the arequipe latte with a pandeono!

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Within the age of at this time where there is a commonplace Starbuck`s on every nook of every major metropolis and small town alike, how is an up and coming cafe or coffee store alleged to compete? It might come down simply to logistics and to the ambiance of the constructing itself. Cafe interior design is very important. You need your prospects to really feel comfortable and at dwelling while being offered impeccable service and delicious , high quality food and drink. When designing the interior of your restaurant, it is crucial that the design match the menu. In different words , you would not have candlelight and high-quality china in a burger joint, would you? Analysis and instinct will assist you to decide the very best route to go in your new cafe.When designing for a cafe, you simply can`t go fallacious with a bistro- sort environment. Clean , crisp white linens with snug chairs and a casually arranged bouquet of flowers on your table can go a good distance in ambiance. Including a bright pop of colour on the partitions like red along with some interesting artwork like a contemporary painting or black and white photographic prints will assist to complete your look. Follow all white table put on ; plates, cups, napkins, etc. That approach , the colour of your meals shall be a lovely contrast against the white plate and it`ll just taste that a lot better , right ? If you like in a climate - pleasant metropolis , make room for a bit of outdoor eating space to your patrons to eat exterior on a sunny afternoon or a warm evening. It will enhance your business. When you find yourself occupied with your cafe interior design, it is necessary not to over think the space. Including an excessive amount of of something can make the area look crowded and complicated , making for an disagreeable eating experience. Maintain issues easy and clear with a splash of pattern or coloration right here and there. Maintaining so low music within the background may even assist with the feel. Make certain it is not too loud or too offensive for some patrons. Sticking to jazz or Italian music is at all times a good choice in a restaurant type of environment.

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Jfk AirportJamaica, NY 11430 (718) 679-0536

I usually pop by this Starbucks for an Americano or a Pike's Place roast. But this time around, I was feeling a bit saucy and decided to go with one of their new tiramisu lattes. It's not often I venture off the beaten path, but hey - I'm on vacation! After a few sips I really wished I'd just gone with my usual. It was a tad too sweet (Captain Obvious over here) and I could only really muster down about 1/4 of the tall cup. You win some, you lose some. The baristas were friendly, though. Working the airport shift could prove to be taxing to some. These young ladies were as sweet as that tiramisu latte I had to throw away.

How can you be out of oatmeal at 7:30 in the morning? No breakfast sandwiches at this location, either. Pass.

THE WORST Starbucks EVER. I have been ordering Soy latte on a daily basis for years. From time to time, I would ask for a little extra cold soy milk to make it immediately drinkable. My request got declined for the first time in the history of ordering latte at Starbucks. Not to mention that I had to pay the extra markup because they are in JFK.

Super slow, and order does not get through. People working here just saying it is coming. Worst Starbucks ever.

Wrote....... test too bad for my Caramel Frep And Caramel Ice coffee Service 1.5stars. No service mind No eye contact!!

Worst Starbucks I have ever been! Cashier taking orders just keeps on texting, while taking your order! Does not even look at you!!! And barista who gives you your drink looks like she wants to say "Get the %#!^ away from here!"

I have no idea why this location has gotten such bad reviews. The shop was extremely clean, the line didn't take long at all and the employees there were WONDERFUL. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the drinks. They made my complicated order with ease && I was able to use my birthday reward. This Starbucks is awesome.

Ordered an iced tea and they refused to fill it to the top. Can't even get what you pay for here.

This is by far the worst Starbucks I've ever been to. Why do I keep coming back? My office is right around the corner from it. They never fail to get my order wrong. This morning the guy toasting the croissants just gave mine away to any some random guy who ordered after me. I don't think he even ordered any food. I waited and he gave the next one to a girl who had ordered way after I did. I was livid.

I am a frequent business traveler and I have visited this location often. The service here beyond slow. I realize this is a high traffic location, but all the more reason it should be staffed appropriately. Guaranteed 10-15 minute wait just for a coffee. And since there is no other option, you are at their mercy.

Super slow service. Fruit flies in the baked goods. Not friendly at all. It's unfortunate that it's the only Starbucks in the terminal.

Although the spot is convenient and not behind the ticketing gates there are several problems. First, long lines. It wasn't because of a volume of customers, it was due to slow employees. Prices were high, even for an airport. Third and most importantly, as it was quite rudely put to me, "an independently licensed location" so they don't accept Starbucks gift cards. I didn't even know that was a possibility, but I think it's totally horrible. I have been to countless airports and Starbucks and I ALWAYS have money loaded to my Starbucks card for my travels because I love a latte before and after a flight. For this location not to accept them, they lost my business, entirely on principle. If this is the trend for Starbucks locations, they will be losing the business of a valuable and gold member, just like this location did. Summarize: Rude, slow and don't accept Starbucks Gift Cards.

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Jfk International AirportUnited Terminal ArrivalsJamaica, NY 11430 (718) 656-8040

I've given most Starbucks 2 stars for mediocre service, coffee, and inane rules in regards to promotional coffees. This somehow managed to earn more for the following reasons: 1. It was only damn place open at JFK at 4:30 in the morning. Yay! Winner by default! 2. The only breakfast worthy item available was the yogurt parfait. It was a large, fulfilling, and holy crap... is that real fruit inside?! It saved me on the 6 hour plane ride home. Now if you're wondering why I didn't just order the bagel, think about it. Of all places to go to in NYC for a bagel.... never Starbucks. 3. I finally managed to order a christmas themed coffee drink. Mind you, it still tasted as if someone mixed coffee with a cocoa-mint powder mix. And it was over 4 bucks too.... yikes... I think I have to knock down the 3 stars. All right... 2.5 stars seems more fair. So this Starbucks has managed to earn 2.5 stars based on the merit of the delicious yogurt parfait and the questionable peppermint mocha. If your fortunate enough to have a later flight, I'd say try your luck elsewhere.

Meh Starbucks with kind of crappy service. But they know they're the only option so...

Always friendly, great customer service and speedy service! Our favorite is Carmel Macchiato and hot chocolate in the Winter months.

Bad bad bad service!! Ordered soy espresso frap and the barista prepared it in the milk pitcher and put dairy whip cream on top. Informed her of these mistakes so she started making it again and again used the dairy pitcher. She was very rude after the first mistake and finally got it right on the third try but not without an extremely bad attitude. If you want to spend $7+ on a drink, wait three times to have it made and get a bad attitude experience this place is for you. If I could put a negative star I would.

On a scale of "I don't give a sh!t," this place gets a twenty out of ten and a spot on the blasé All Star team. If apathy were a virtue, and going-through-the-motions an honorable trait, this Starbucks location would be a friggin' prince. Service was faster than a speeding tortoise, which seems to be a recurring theme around JFK: where everything seems to run on some kind of delay. But it's not the speed of their service which caught me off-guard. It was their indifference. Their lack of life and any sense of barista conviction. When it finally came for my turn to order, I gave the Barista a quick, casual "hey." She ignored it like a facebook friend request from an internet stalker. I just ordered a tall pike and left it at that. The overall disinterest of the three Baristas was breathtaking in a way (hence the extra star), and provided me with ample evidence that even the walking dead can pour you a cup of jo.

This place was pretty lame. The people making drinks and working the register were incredibly slow. Slow as in speed, not mental capability... although that would explain a lot. In the end, my coffee was fine, but I was far from satisfied with my overall experience. *sigh* I hate you JFK Airport.

Not enough people working here at busy times, but they sure are friendly! Appreciate your hard work! :)

No wifi?! pretty disappointing considering for a major airport.

Not nearly as good as the Terminal One Starbucks and there is always a line. But again... Pike Place is Pike Place where ever I can get it.

Why are the worst Starbucks always at airports? This is where we need them the most! Grouchy, indifferent service. Overstaffed with underworked employee's. I was served a no-foam latte when I ordered a regular one. When I pointed this out, the barrista glared at me, pried the lid off the cup and dumped a dollop of foam on top of the drink. Drinks made incorrectly at Starbucks are supposed to be replaced not "fixed". The barrista was also assembly lining the drinks (making 3 at a time) which is not supposed to be done anymore.

Tiny in size, but their baristas and cashiers are super fast. Just be ready with your order and $$ or the folks behind you (who really don't need that caffeine) may chomp your head off.

I drink decaf coffee and oftentimes the Bux doesn't make decaf late in the day so they just give me a decaf Americano for the price of a decaf drip. I'm pretty sure this is Starbucks' policy all over...everywhere but here, that is. They didn't have decaf brewing at 7:30PM and rather than make a batch they said I could have an Americano and then they charged me over 3 bucks for it. Huh? This isn't a usual Starbucks. Mind you, the Starbucks in airports don't take the typical Bux cards and all, but you'd think some policies were the same. I guess not. Other than this, service was fast and pleasant. Not a very good selection of munchies tho...that was sorta of disappointing.

does not honor gold card perks (i.e. free soy milk)

server was good. he got me exactly what I wanted and was very courteous.

I go to Starbucks every day and this one charges double on their pastries and drinks. I ordered a grante hazzle nut soy latte and they cost me $ 9.20. It is also the slowest one. The line was long the whole two hours I was there. There were about 10 people in front of me and it took them 20 minutes. The main reasons is there is only one person at the register and one person serving drinks.

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An airport lounge is a lounge owned by a particular airline or jointly operated in the case of an alliance. Many airport lounges at JFK airport and around the world are now better equipped to provide improved non business services as well, offering such perks as spas, gyms, showers andeven babysitting. JFK airport lounges offer private meeting rooms, phone, fax, wireless and internet access and other business services, along with provisions to enhance comfort such as free drinks and snacks. Airport lounges JFK passengers enjoy lounge access before your flight and can benefit from peace and quiet in exclusive surroundings - a great way to start a trip. One will also find more comfortable seating, quieter environments and better access to customer service representatives than in the airport terminal. With recently increased security leading to longer check-in times and delayed flights all too common, access to an airport lounge JFK is the ideal way to escape chaotic and crowded departure halls, why not sit back and relax before your flight inside the comfort of a JFK airport lounge?

Visitors to Terminal 4 can relax and unwind at several exciting and unique airline lounges! 

- Air India Maharaja Lounge- El Al King David Lounge- Emirates Lounge- KLM Oasis Lounge- The Lounge- Virgin Clubhouse Lounge Location of Airline Lounges 

Interested in using a JFK Airport Lounge on your next trip?

Access to  JFK airport lounges may be obtained in several ways. The most common is by purchasing an annual or a lifetime membership. Membership fees are sometimes discounted and may often be paid using frequent flyer miles. Travelers flying internationally in first class or business class are often offered free access on their days of travel.

Airport Lounge access can also be attained with an airline status card. 

Airport lounges provided at JFK airport are fee  based, which ranges from a daily fee to yearly fees or lifetime memberships. Independent lounge programs such as Priority Pass offer lounge access for an annual fee. Premium credit and charge cards such as Diners Club International, American Express Platinum and Centurion charge cards, and the Morgan Stanley i24 Card, offer lounge programs for members. American Express also offers access to lounges belonging to partner airlines when flying with those airlines.

Some lounges, such as the Emirates Lounge can offer extensive luxuries such as full buffet meals, massage services and even swimming pools. Lounges also provide a more comfortable, stress-free wait for the aircraft, and sometimes offer luxury services such as massages, gyms and spas. Besides offering more comfortable seating, lounges usually provide beverages like coffee, water, soft drinks, juices, beer and other alcoholic beverages. Lounges also provide snacks like fruit, pastries and cheese. They generally offer television, usually a sports or news channel, newspapers, and magazines. Phones are spread out through the lounge, allowing members to make calls or access a dial-up internet service. Free Wireless internet access is becoming more and more common, some airlines offer wi-fi operated by contract providers for a nominal daily or monthly fee.

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Many Domestic US lounges such as the Alaska Board Room, Continental Presidents Club, Delta Crown Room and Northwest WorldClub offer free alcoholic beverages while others like the American Admirals Club and United Red Carpet Club notably do not. Here is the top pick airport lounge JFK.

Terraces Lounge - British Airways, JFK International Airport

British Airways is always known to up the ante, and the Terraces Lounge at JFK International is no exception. Dubbed "an air travel environment for the 21st century," Terraces is indeed more backyard than board room, with trickling water fountains, the sounds of birds chirping, nature sounds together with hydrotherapy showers fully reclining lounge chairs under white umbrellas and pre- and post-flight massages and you have a way to truly relax. Special bonus is the faint smell of cut grass in the terminal to give it an outdoorsy feel.

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American Airlines flagship lounge is a 7,000 sq ft facility that features a complete business center and cyber cafe with complimentary printer and fax services. If you want to take a break from your work there is a renowned commissary complete with world-class wine list and a diverse menu from which you can eat to your hearts content. A number of plasma TVs and private shower facilities round out some of the most useful amenities offered here. 

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