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Modern Lift Top Coffee Tables


Lift top coffee tables are often visible in many places. This furniture is popular for serving all kinds of coffee .Most of those places are home and café. These kinds of tables are quite popular because it has unique designs. It usually a regular sized table about 60 cm X 30 cm. the height is about a meter.

The design of lift top coffee tables is various but it usually has one feature that makes it different from other table. That thing is the upper side of the table or the top. This table always has one more table to put the coffee. The size of the top can bigger or smaller that the below side.  It also can be project to outside.  The color of the table usually is brown but there are the one that colored black too.

There are many kinds of lift top coffee tables with various prices. For examples are turner lift top coffee table espresso and Jordan Lift-Top Cocktail Oak Rectangular Coffee Table.  Turner lift top coffee table espresso is a brown table which the top can raise. The price of this table is 160 dollars. The Jordan Lift-Top Cocktail Oak Rectangular Coffee Table is table that made of solid wood.  The price of this table is 342 dollars

Best Lift Top Coffee Tables with Storage


Lift Top Coffee Tables Black


Lift Top Coffee Table Plans


Turner Lift Top Coffee Table


Good Lift Top Coffee Tables with Caster


Adjustable Height Lift Top Coffee Tables


Round Lift Top Coffee Table

Above image is Example of lift Top Coffee Tables

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Various Types of Coffee Table Lifts Up – Lift-Top Coffee Table is both versatile and unique, with lift top emerging and developed to create a multifunction work surface. Wood lift-top coffee table features concealed storage under the top and open shelves for additional flexibility. It also offers a style wrought iron accents and engineered wood construction. It is finished on all sides for easy placement and requires assembly.


This unit started as a rectangular glass table that lifts and convert to a round glass dining table. Side leaves fold up or down and adjust the gas lift height units. Available in white glass or black glass finish with silver legs and silver wheels. Do not forget to check the rectangular wood coffee table transformable. Following multiple-choice type of Lift Top Coffee Table.


Lucca: Lucca table does not provide extra storage, but I like a warm spice finish and feel the lift-top is the perfect height to put the laptop and do some work in the living room.


Herschel: If you want something more sleek and do not want to go to the wood, which has a piano Herschell white painted finish and steel legs. There is ample storage space below, and it is flexible enough to adapt to pretty much any room.


Aurora: Aurora coffee table can work equally well in the home office or in the living room because of its modern design and minimal. Appeared fully assembled and is available in grey or white slime.


Vista State: This one is an option for those who have furniture in a more classic style and the need to match the coffee table. It also has more storage capacity than some other options. We like turned and tapered legs, and the contrast between the heavy and black oak veneer on the feet. Enjoy Various Types of Coffee Table Lifts Up.


New Coffee Table Designs Offer Style And Functionality

Once thought of as only a necessary staple, the coffee table has now become a stylish way to add interest to your living room. Today’s home designers are featuring coffee tables that have interesting shapes, are made of unexpected materials and serve as a conversation piece.

View in galleryThis bright citrus set by Acomodel would be a sunny addition to any living or family rom. The mix of prints and solid tops is modern and fresh.

One of the most exciting trends is the use of several small tables instead of one large coffee table. These groupings are ideal for entertaining family and friends because you can move the individual tables around to suit your needs. The multiple table sets are also perfect for adding colors and prints to your living room decor. Because they are smaller, the graphics are not overwhelming and the mix of patterns keeps any single one from being overpowering. A graphic print sofa is a huge dear commitment, but the coffee table set is an easy way to add a fresh pop.

View in galleryAirnova’s collection of tables is more muted in color and luxe in finish. The wide metal rim of the egg-shaped tables is a high-end detail that makes these perfect for a moe formal setting. The addition of a glass round keeps everything from being too matchy-matchy.View in galleryA connected set of smaller pieces makes for an interesting and functional coffee table from &Tradition. The Palette Table designed by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon is made of brass, black Nero Marqina marble, and black stained ash.View in galleryThis collage of coffee tables by Bonaldo is a an explosion of prints, colors and shapes. With individual pivoting tables, the set has more functionality than a static large coffee table. View in gallerySmaller, minimal and modern, the Tilio coffee table by Leolux has an elevated section that swivels. The table only has three legs, which can are different colors.View in galleryThis two piece coffee table from Erba Italia has one table inset into the other. This is great for entertaining because you can move the smaller table to another area, and still have a long table ledge wide enough near the sofa for guests to perch their plates and glasses.

Traditional, single unite coffee tables also have more to offer than standard shares and materials.  These pieces can be found to match any style of home decor, and come in a wide variety of attention-getting shapes, designs and finishes.

View in galleryAtipico’s hexagon-shaped table has an industrial vibe thanks to the gray color. The hairpin style legs keep it modern and tabletop’s shape is an unexpected feature.View in galleryWith the rounded shape of an ottoman, this marble topped coffee table by Atipico invites you to put your feet up as well. The rounded metal base adds to the impression that it’s as much ottoman as table.View in galleryThis glass topped coffee table from Brianza is a good example of the company’s many natural pieces that are as much about form as they are about function.View in galleryThis stunning Yris take from the Camus Collection is modern yet warm, thanks to the beautiful wood that serves as its base and gives it artistic flair. The company originated in Valencia, Spain and founded by four partners: Ismael Gimeno, Javier Pastor, Ismael Pastor and Paco Camus. All of the pieces in the company’s collection are gorgeous wooden works of art.View in galleryChi Wing Lo’s KYVO low table series table maintains an Asian aesthetic. It is fashioned from Sucupira or natural oak, with a stone insert and metal points.View in galleryIt may look like a cake missing a slice, but this Coco coffee table from Colico is not missing any style. The marble base in the front anchors the metal section, which has a single metal support underneath. Turned toward a sofa, the table makes the room feel more open because it does not have a full, large round top.

Lovers of wood furniture need not despair — there are so many creative new designs that a warm and rustic piece is still fresh and new. The shapes and designs of the wood coffee tables are what makes them special.

View in galleryThis four-layer table from Essential Home is made from black marble and steel. The heavy, thick rotating tops swivel easily with just a push. The heft, materials and shine all scream luxury!View in galleryA geometric design coffee table by Dialma Brown is perfect for freshening up a casual family room. The intersecting planes create interest and the long, slightly offset top is family-functional. It is made from old pine wood.View in galleryA honeycomb of coffee tables from Dialma Brown are fashioned from old pine, painted or stained on the sides and finished with a concrete top.View in galleryA crystalline-shaped wood coffee table is made from old pine and topped with a modern layer of stainless steel. It all comes together in a rustic but sophisticated coffee table design. This table is also from Dialma Brown.View in galleryEven the sides of the wooden coffee table are puzzle-like…they seem to be missing a piece!View in galleryParquetry is definitely on trend in 2016 and Zanat’s unique coffee table is a great example. The Ombra Table is made of small wood pieces that probably would have gone to waste. The solid walnut is Joined into “Penrose Prototiles,” named after a famous British mathematician who first investigated them in 1970s. The prototiles have remarkable geometric and visual properties especially because the pattern does not repeat, explains Zanat’s website.View in galleryThis coffee table from Ego Italiano has just as much function as it does form! The Bergen is a rectangular oak coffee table with a removable tray and a removable leather cover, that extends to create the sling holders for magazines and newspapers.View in galleryA luxurious tangle of balls and bars, the Galileo coffee table by Eichholz is made of a glass top and gold-finished base. The same style is also available as a console table and a desk.View in galleryIf you’re in love with a rectangular coffee table but need a larger square one for your space, why not use two? This modern coffee table from Estetik Design works well as pair because the style is clean with angles and no intricate details.View in galleryMany people use an ottoman as a coffee table, employing a tray when it’s necessary to balance drinks or food. Fama has gone one step better with this ottoman/coffee table combination The combo doesn’t take up any extra space because the table fits over the ottoman and you get the benefits of both.View in galleryFlexform combines their round. marble-topped coffee table with a sumptuous leather ottoman, for the best of both worlds. As many people already do, you can use the ottoman as extra coffee table space with the addition of a tray or two.View in galleryHere, Flexform has combined wood and marble coffee tables with a smaller leather ottoman, which together create a centerpiece that’s perfect for a large space. The individual components give you flexibility.View in galleryIf you like the concept of mixed styles and materials, but your living space isn’s so large, you can achieve the same thing on a smaller scale. Flex form also shows how to do this with smaller ottomans and cube tables of different sizes. Each piece can serve as seating or table space.View in galleryOf course, if you like the cube coffee table concept, here’s a larger and more luxe version from Flexform. The large, hefty glass top gives you a good view of the artistic design of cube shapes included in the base of this massive coffee table.View in galleryFrosted glass and lacquered legs make for a fun and versatile coffee table from Gervasoni.View in galleryA thick wood coffee table top is made light with a modern metal base from Il Loft. The sinuous inlaid wave adds interest and keeps the table from feeling too hefty.View in galleryKeep accessories to a minimum when you have a coffee table as stunning as this one.View in galleryChrome plated metal legs support this coffee table duo from Il Loft. We love the idea of a larger table, accompanied by a smaller one. It gives you the versatility to move one, and still have a larger table surface near the sofa. In this case, the irregular shape and many-layered sides of the large table add to grouping’s appeal.View in galleryUsing two different surface finishes makes it work.View in gallerythese teardrop-shaped coffee tables by Imperfetto Lab are called Ossidania. They are large, weighty an imposing, best suited to an open, minimalist space.View in galleryWooden coffee tables by Insideherland are randomly geometric and stunningly beautiful. The marquetry work is done in smoky brownbird’seye, rosewood, ebony and olive tree veneers, covered with a high gloss varnish.View in galleryKnoll products don’t disappoint and that’s certainly the case with this bi-level coffee table. The rounded planes of the marble tops and the supports are marvelous.View in galleryIt might look like a more traditional table with fancy features, but this wood coffee table is made with the latest in laser technology. Laser Art Style of Italy creates table, mirrors and all sorts of decor using laser cutting technology.View in gallerySometimes, a stylish round coffee table just fits the bill, and this one from Leolux would be out choice. Neutral tones and an interesting top with sleek stick legs make it versatile yet never boring.View in galleryLoyra has a new ottoman coffee table hybrid. The interesting V design includes a moveable table that can slide across the ottoman. Seating and table all in one!View in galleryAcclaimed for its seating and sofas, MaxDivani also has this great wood coffee table that has a tray and secret storage. perfect for the who like to entertain, its fun as well as useful.View in galleryLive edge furniture might be made with old wood, but the designs and styles fit right in with today;s home decor. The natural element is a grand way to often the feel of a very modern space without being distracting. This coffee table from Mia Collections is a perfect addition to a casual living space.View in galleryRiva 1920′s live edge slab coffee table table is a stunning statement for any living room, from traditional to contemporary.View in galleryWhat better to go with a luxurious leather sofa than a warm-wooded glass top coffee table? This basic style from Natuzzi is a classic and works well with all sorts of sofas.View in galleryNatuzzi also had a version of the mixed concept for coffee tables. Here, two sizes with different leg styles make a handsome pair.View in galleryFor the minimalist, we found this Kaeko coffee table from Objekto. An expansive glass top provides an unfettered view of the slight, undulating metal base.View in galleryHow much fun is this table from Pedro Ortiz? With little storage baskets on the side and down the middle, you can showcase items or stash them away out of sight. Perfect for a family room!View in galleryPedro Ortiz also has this square coffee table with sides that rise up to the side, providing a surface that’s more convenient for eating or for work.View in galleryWe love this round coffee table called HOLLO from Petite Friture for its airy, elegant shape and the fact that it comes in six epoxy coating colors and three different sizes.View in galleryShiny and expansive, this square coffee table by Porro is interesting without being too obtrusive. The finish attracts attention while the simple shape blends well.View in galleryAnother glass topped modern coffee table is this one by Reflex, Aenigma Rame, but it has a more substantial curvy metal base. The highly polished copper is an on-trend metallic finish and would nicely accent any living room.View in gallerySovet’s Regolo Square coffee table is available in black laminated glass or wood. The variations feature the smoked glass and wood as either the base or the top.View in galleryA similar design is their triangular coffee table set, that includes pieces of various heights.View in galleryThis multilevel coffee table has levels that spin around the central post that imposition at one end. Entertaining a crowd is easy with this style of table, which lines back up to it’s original footprint.View in galleryThis continuous curved coffee table from Stones is smooth and elegant — perfect for a living room where the style is a bit more formal.View in galleryTarget Point has a variety of coffee table styles within a certain material top. Here you can have the same type top in various thicknesses with different style legs, depending up in the size and heft of the top.View in galleryFor a truly retro look, we’d try one of thees tables from TWILS. The shapes are modern, the colors great, and the eye-pin legs are just plain fantastic. They are plenty large but the legs and thin top keep them light.

From something large and imposing to a piece functional in a smaller space, there’s a coffee table that works for your home. In addition, you’re not limited to certain styles or materials. These examples just skim the surface of what’s available for your home.


25 Vintage DIY Coffee Table Ideas

If you are a vintage furniture lover, then you must see these awesome vintage coffee tables. Coffee tables can be made out of many different vintage things. You can always find old vintage doors in your basement or old windows. If you are a little bit crafty you can make for yourself very interesting shabby chic coffee table. For example you can make coffee table out of pallets. You can paint them and you will get lovely coffee table. Also you can make coffee table out of vintage crates. You can them together and make coffee table in different sizes. These coffee tables can be very functional because they can help you as storage. We present you 25 vintage coffee tables that will help you get inspired…



























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Coffee Tables and Creative Table Designs

Modern coffee tables and creative table designs from all over the world.

Fish Coffee Table

The Fish Table is the work of a talented designer that goes by the name of Pol Quadens.

Domino Coffee Table

A concept in motion, the Domino table lends new elegance to a classic exercise in physics and play.

Loto Coffee Table

Creative coffee table from Italian company Com.p.ar is a real space saver, ideal for compact city homes and urban lofts where spare room is hard to come by.

New Perspective Table

Creative table design by James Tooze. When standing in a particular spot, the graphic on the table becomes the very structure of its own construction. Much like an X-ray of the table.

iPhone Coffee Table

Tuan Nguyen, Ken Thomas and their associates have created an iPhone coffee table.

Calligaris Coffee Table

The Retro contemporary coffee table by Calligaris is both stylish and practical having a central open compartment under the top and two side drawers that open by a rotating pivot pin.

Magtable Coffee Table

Designed with versatility in mind, this coffee table features 14 slots for your magazines.

Rubik’s Cube Coffee Table

Creative coffe table inspired by the classic toy we all grew up with… and still have today.

Gus Modern Coffee Table

This table will add a wonderful touch to any contemporary decor.

NES Controller Coffee Table

Not only does this coffee table look like a giant NES controller, it is actually fully functional.

Modular Coffee Table

Two coffee tables can be placed together in a number of varied arrangements or placed separately for use as end tables.

iPod Coffee Table

Creative table spotted in the lobby of Milan’s Nhow design hotel by Nicole Martinelli.

Rotor Coffee Table

Thanks to an ingenious system of rotating plates, this table can take a multitude of shapes and sizes.

Kouzou Coffee Table

The form is derived by using two different American woods interlocking each other, one creating the structure and the other creating the surface for the coffee table.

Mungle Coffee Table

The Mungle furniture range is the product of a digital design technique that incorporates simple elements, which, in proliferation, are able to articulate more complex overall geometries.

iTable Coffee Table

iPod inspired coffee table created by Ashley Burrows.

Ozzio Coffee Tables

These innovative space-saving table designs feature gas-lifted devices to raise the table to its desired height.

Nonagon Coffee Table

Beautiful table explores triangular shapes creating a piece of expressive furniture for the domestic environment.

Canal Grande Coffee Table

Not one but actually two tables appear to be split apart as if they were two parts of land split by a canal.

Also check out: Glass River Tables and Sparkling Table


Top 20 Unique Contemporary Coffee Tables

Tables have been used since ancient times. Various shapes and sizes of table were made and used by the early Egyptians and Chinese. The history of coffee tables dates back to the late 19th century, during the Victorian era in Britian. Before this period, coffee tables didn’t exist. Rather, tall, round tables called tea tables were used. As their name implies, they held cups of tea during tea time. As tea time became more popular, so did the production of tea tables. During the early twentieth century, coffee tables replaced tea tables. The low height of today’s coffee tables was probably influenced by floor-level Japanese tables found in tea gardens. As a result of the Industrial Revolution, wooden furniture production became widespread. Further advances in industrial technology created new design possibilities utilizing different materials to make coffee tables. Many of the contemporary designs of today’s coffee tables that use glass, chrome plating, stainless steel, formica, acrylic and aluminum have their roots in the 19th century.

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Flame Coffee Table

This flame coffee table will bring warmth into any room. It is hand-crafted and made from some of the finest materials. The top is made from reconstructed limestone with granite chips. It can be finished in different shades to match your room décor.  The base is made from lattice wood slates. Turning off the ethanol-based fire is as simple as placing a top over it. The flame is smoke-free, odor-free and non-toxic. $3,500 from Opulentitems.com.

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Renzo Glass Coffee Table

This table is made in Italy by Tonin Casa. It’s sold for under $2,000. The unusual shaped top on this coffee table resembles a flowing drop of liquid. The base is lacquered and is available in white or black. The glass top is available in clear, black or extra-white. $1,640 from Spacify.com.

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Ungle Coffee Tables

This table is very expensive. If you are looking for an exotic and distinctive coffee table, and budget isn’t an issue, select this table. These Greek coffee tables are handmade using alluring geometric designs. It’s finished in a high-gloss polyester paint. $5,000 from Opulentitems.com

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Goccio Bent Glass Table

Designed by M. Bardini, this contemporary table is available in black or frosted glass. It has a built-in magazine rack, which allows you to leave your papers within reach without looking disorganized. £705-867 from Homefrenzy.com.

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Aquarium Coffee Table

This coffee table is a great conversation piece. The base is a fully functional aquarium, with an opening on the surface for easy access feeding.  Everything you need to get started (except the fish) is included with the table: florescent light (built into the table base), water pump, water filter, blue gravel and plants. $500 from Opulentitems.com.

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Ultra Contemporary Sphere Table

For about $6,000 you can be the owner of this extraordinary coffee table. The table is handmade with 99 pieces of 4”x3” solid wood. According to Opulent Items, the exterior is lacquered and the sphere is finished with shellac, which is a natural polymer harvested from tree bark. $6,500 from Opulentitems.com.

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Square Combination Table

This coffee table combines high-sheen aluminum with color; choose from black, orange, red, white or yellow. The legs are metal and available in three heights: low (8 inches), middle (12 inches) or high (16 inches). $191.00 from Coffeetableshowroom.com.

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Crosby Coffee Table

The Crosby Coffee Table is made in the USA by Modloft. According to Spacify.com, the sections rotate to create additional space when you’re entertaining guests. The table has five layers; the bottom layer is fixed while the top layers can be rotated 360 degrees to suit your changing needs and mood. It’s available in two color combinations: wenge/red and walnut/black. $910 from Spacify.com.

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Globe Light Table

This energy efficient coffee table uses a halogen light bulb to brighten up your living room. You can alter the color of the light by placing a color filter over the halogen bulb. $850 from Opulentitems.com.

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Trix Stylish Coffee Table

Made in Italy by Sambometal, this curvy coffee table is a sophisticated addition to any living room. Just make sure to place our cup of coffee away from the edge – unless you have a curvy-bottomed mug, that is. The base is made of durable steel, and the total weight of the table is 64 lbs. The glass is available in white, black or red. $1,150 from Spacify.com

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Havana Coffee Tables

These tables are handmade in Australia. They are made from rattan wood and crystal glass. Even though it’s called a “coffee” table, the beachy-looking furniture will hold a fruity cocktail too. $750 from Opulentitems.com.

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Swivel Coffee Table

There are some hints of 1980s style in this coffee table. Nonetheless, this table, designed by Arter and Citton, is sleek and contemporary with a functionally convenient design. The swivel glass top is 12mm thick, and the solid wood base is finished in silver metal paint with glazed chrome details. £665 from Homefrenzy.com.

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Modern Nik Coffee Table

Traditional meets contemporary with the Nik coffee table. This modernized wood and glass coffee table is handmade in Brazil using high-grade, multi-laminated eucalyptus. $3,500 from Opulentitems.com.

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Borneo Multi Dot Coffee Table

This ultra lightweight coffee table (only 5.88 lbs.) is made in the USA by Sitcom furniture. It can add a bit of playfulness to your design scheme with its multicolor spots. $300 from Spacify.com.

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Fiocco Coffee Table

This coffee table is great for readers. The curved sides of the base are perfect for magazine storage. Pus, the transparent glass means it will match any color scheme. £701 from Homefrenzy.com.

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Spiral Coffee Table

This table is an eye-catcher. The base is made from metal and is available in silver-laquered or chromed finish. The glass top is available in black, brown, frosted or red. If you get dizzy easily, this might not be the best table for you. £953-1038 from Homefrenzy.com.

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Viviana Modern Coffee Table

Made in Italy by Tonin Casa, this modern coffee table has chromed metal as its base and bent glass for the top. It’s understated but still a focal point. The glass top is available in black, clear with flowers or extra-white. $1,888 from Spacify.com.

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Domino Coffee Table

SIDD Fine Woodworking in Canada makes this unique hand-crafted walnut coffee table. You can choose the type of wood and the size. A craftsman will build it by hand over a period of six weeks and the piece will be signed and numbered by the artisan who built it. $1,500 from Opulentitems.com.

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Top-Drawer Coffee Table

This combination table/storage unit has two concealed drawers on the top of the table. It allows for the modern equivalent to sweeping things under the rug when you need to tidy up in a hurry. The base is made with oak veneer. Available in chocolate oak veneer or polished white/barley. $319 from Westelm.com.

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Atlas Coffee Table

This Italian-designed table by Cattelan Italia has a varnished steel base that is available in 4 colors: anthracite, silver, white or black. Watch your shins on the corners. $933.00 from Spacify.com.

Written by Marcy Tate who is a home improvement blogger at Networx.


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