Maccoffee кофе

  • 9 new niche brands for various countries were developed in light of MacCoffee’s success

    13 people are drinking MacCoffee every 0.1 of a second

    16 awards for product quality received worldwide

    17 points of strict control before the product reaches the store shelves

    6 years was all it took for the MacCoffee brand to receive the best quality award in Paris Expo

    1 top coffeemix brand in Russia

    19 offices worldwide

    10 lines at the factory dedicated to producing MacCoffee

    15 awards for successful branding

    14 companies participated in creating MacCoffee’s unique taste

    11 variations of the MacCoffee Original was developed before the unique and ultimate taste was chosen

    12 months a year we preserve the quality of MacCoffee

    8 consecutive years MacCoffee becomes the official partner of the ISU European Figure Skating Championship

    7 various product categories are introduced under the MacCoffee brand: 3in1, Cappuccino, Instant Coffee, Roast&Ground Coffee, Wellness Coffee, 2in1, Non-dairy Creamer

    5 factories worldwide

    4 billion cups of MacCoffee drunk annually

    2 times the distance from Earth to Moon can be covered by the sachets produced over the last 10 years

    20 years of success for MacCoffee

    3 constant key ingredients make up the unique MacCoffee taste which is loved by millions

    18 MacCoffee TV commercials were made


    MacCoffee Original is 100% pure soluble coffee granules, made from a perfect combination of Central and South American Arabica beans, which have been roasted to perfection. It has an amazing aroma, rich in taste and an easy lingering finish. Chosen by our clients as an all-time favorite, this instant coffee is always in high demand and definitely the right way to start the day.

    Packaging Details
    2g x 25s x 40 boxes
    2g x 100s x 12 boxes
    50g x 24 pouches
    95g x 12 pouches
    100g Jar x 6 jars




    What makes this aromatic beverage doubly delicious? The flavour and richness of coffee and more coffee something we just cant get enough of. This beverage is a gift from us to coffee lovers who have an appetite for intense coffee and every sip never fails to satisfy.

    Packaging Details
    18g x 10s x 24 boxes/ctn
    18g x 10s x 50 packs/ctn
    18g x 20s x 20 packs/ctn
    18g x 25s x 20 packs/ctn
    18g x 40s x 16 jars/packs

    18g x 50s x 10 packs/ctn

    18g x 100s x 5 packs/ctn




    Types of Coffee Drinks

    Turkish Coffee:

    Derived from the Arabica bean, Turkish coffee is a very fine, powder-like grind. An aromatic spice called cardamom is sometimes added to the coffee while it is being ground. One can also boil whole seeds with the coffee and let them float to the top when served. Turkish coffee has six levels of sweetness ranging from very sweet to black. Since sugar is not added to the coffee after it is served, spoons are not needed.

    Cappuccino Coffee:

    Cappuccino is a strong coffee with frothy cream, topped with a pinch of powdered chocolate. The pale brown color of the coffee is reminiscent of the robes worn by Capuchin monks. A traditional cappuccino is served in a special white cup, similar to a teacup. The correct proportions are: 1/3 of just made espresso coffee, 2/3 of froth. The froth is prepared as follows: Fill a small jug to 1/3 of its capacity with fresh milk. Immerse the frothing arm found on all electric espresso machines to just below the surface of the milk. Turn on the steam and gradually lower the jug, allowing the milk to froth up while still keeping the froth arm just below the surface. Add a half of the froth into the espresso coffee. Sprinkle a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder or dark grated chocolate. Add the rest of the froth. Top off with a dash of cocoa or grated chocolate.

    Espresso Coffee:

    Espresso is a black strong coffee prepared in Italian way by forcing live steam through dark-roast coffee beans. Coffee is placed into an espresso machine designed just for this purpose and hot water is forced through the coffee at very high pressure - extracting all the flavor possible. Brewing espresso has certainly been made easier, over the years, with the advancement of more automated machines. Preparing, however, the "perfect" cup of espresso is still a real art. A 1 to 1 1/2 ounce shot of espresso should brew in 19-23 seconds. The espresso should flow out of the machine at a slow, but steady dribble. If your espresso has been perfectly brewed, the surface will be covered with a thick, foamy, golden brown crema. If the crema is good, then sugar in your espresso will float on the surface for a couple seconds.

    Americano (American) -

    This is espresso shot that is diluted to taste with hot water. The name was given to insult Americans who the Europeans believed were not up to drinking full espressos.

    Black coffee:

    Coffee served with no milk.

    Flavored coffee

    These are made to taste and more a local tradition. A great variety exists in different parts of the world. The flavor can be a mix of syrups, spices (e.g. cinnamon), flavorings or nutmegs that are added to the coffee and give coffee a different taste.

    Cafe Latte

    Cafe Latte has more milk than a cappuccino. It is one part espresso with at least three to five parts of steamed hot milk with a small amount of froth on top. Latte in Italian means 'milk', so be careful ordering one when in Rome.

    Cafe au Lait

    Similar to 'Caffe Latte' with equal milk to coffee in the ratio of 1:1, it is made from brewed coffee and not from espresso. The taste is milder and less intense due to it consisting 50% milk.

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